List Of PhD Guides & Students

3.4.2 Details of PhD students registered per teacher (as per the data given w.r.t recognized PhD guides/ supervisors provided at 3.2.3 metric) during the year (Guide 01, Students Registered 10)

Name of full-time teachers with PhD / D.M. / M.Ch. / D.N.B Super Specialty /DSc / DLitt during the yearQualification (PhD / D.M. / M.Ch. / D.N.B Super Specialty /DSc / DLitt) and Year of obtainingWhether recognised as a research guide for PhD?Year of recognition as a Research GuideIs the teacher still serving the institution?/If not,when did he/she leave the institution?Name of the scholarMonth and Year of registration of the scholarPhD Scholar’s Title of the Thesis
Dr Jyoti Shreedhar MundheM.A. PhD, 2018Yes2022YesNilNilNil
Dr Harshad Bhosale (Political Science)M.A. PhD, 2014Yes2014Yes1. Viraj MahajanOctober 2022Anti Project Struggle in Maharashtra and Goa: A Comparative Study
Dr Minal Mapuskar (Political Science)M.A. PhD, 2019Yes2021Yes2. Aboli JakharNov 2022Intersectional Analysis of Urban public space and female labour participation rate: A case study of Mumbai
Dr Minal Mapuskar (Political Science)M.A. PhD, 2019Yes2021Yes3. Amruta IngulkarDec 2022नवी मुंबई शहरातील महिला फेरी विक्रेत्यांच्या च्या विशेष संदर्भाने रस्त्यावरील फेरी विक्रेत्यांच्या सामाजिक- राजकीय स्थितीचा अभ्यास
Dr Minal Mapuskar (Political Science)M.A. PhD, 2019Yes2021Yes4. Janhavi KolteNov 2022Women Empowerment through Self Help Groups in Urban Maharashtra with special reference to Mumbai and Thane
Dr. R.B. KawdeMSc, PhD, 1996Yes2011Yes5. Collin Julius RebelloOctober 2022Designing new chelates of dicarbonyl compounds for some divalent metal ions for their physiochemical and biological studies.
Dr. S.B. SonawaleMSc, PhD, 2002Yes2011Yes6. Ganesh Rajaram BorseNovember 2022Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of new 1,2,4-triazole derivatives of 4-isopropyl-3-methylphenol
Dr. S.B. SonawaleMSc, PhD, 2002Yes2011Yes7. Dattaraya Shivaji KaleNovember 2022Synthesis, Characterization and biological Screening of newer 1,3,4-thiadiazzole hybrids derived from 4-isopropyl-3-methylphenol
Dr. S.B. SonawaleMSc, PhD, 2002Yes2011Yes8. Reshma D. PrakshaleNovember 2022Studies on characterization and Gas sensing properties of Mixed Metal Oxide Systems
Dr. D.V. PatilMSc, PhD, 2002Yes2015Yes9. Shoyeab Mutalib KhanJuly 2022Greener methodologies for the synthesis of biologically active heterocyclic derivatives using economical and ecofriendly solvents
Dr Harshad Bhosale (Political Science)M.A. PhD, 2014Yes2014Yes10. Kamble S.A.May 2023Comparative Study of Dr. Ambedkar and Habermas: A critical Investigation of Modernity