Deccan Education Society's

Kirti M. Doongursee College of Arts, Science & Commerce

Kirti M. Doongursee College of Arts, Science & Commerce

Reaccredited "A" Grade

Institutional Social Responsibility Coordinator - -Mr. Siddhesh D. Jadhav

N.S.S. Unit - KirtiKiran Project

Program Officer- Mr. Ankush B. Dalvi and Mr. Dattatray B. Yedage

As a social responsibility, college has started a Kirti Kiran Project to reach street children and meets their multi-faceted needs. Volunteers have been consistently reaching out to the minors who live and survive on the streets. We assist them in re-building their lives and help integrate them into society or unite them with their family if they have one.

Immediate Concerns of Project:

  1. Drug De-addiction, Care, Attention and Individual Counseling of each Child

Objective of “Kirti Kiran Project”:

  1. Imparting as much education as we can
  2. General well-being, information about society, awareness about health and practical knowledge
  3. Recreational & Co-curricular activities and sending the children who are keen on studying to mainstream schools
  4. Recognizing their skills, talents and abilities and encouraging them and providing them with opportunities to take up and excel in jobs which are in tune with their talents and abilities
  5. Aiming at overall rehabilitation of these children by pulling them out of the railway atmosphere, which is not at all conducive to their physical as well as mental growth and well-being

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