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Started in 1955, Alpha coy was the start-up titan for the national activity known as N.C.C. i.e. National cadet corps. From 1955 till date Alpha coy is well renowned for giving not only tremendous officers, but also great cadets who gave a time of their life to improvise the standards of the country and coy. We didn’t only gave the time but have been superiorly known for our activity throughout the province of Bombay (then), Mumbai (now)

What is so special about us?

  • We are not only known for giving great people but also for the ethics, the training that we give.
  • One of the rare unit that has the official authority to keep the D.P. rifles and have been approved for a separate kote unit.
  • Having a strength of 106 cadets, Kirti college has the privilege to be known as the top most and a whole company, so called Alpha company.
  • The only college that follows the armed forces terms and condition for flag hoisting (colors) and flag de-hoisting (sunset).
  • The college which has record for maximum number of RDC and TSC returns
  • We not only train but also we rbing the moral ethics.
  • Having a ground of 150 m full of obstacles.
  • A special coy (unit), with a quarter guard and a store room.
  • Having all presenting and study aids, like projector, Pc and class rooms.


Under the surveillance of coy commander Cpt. D.V. Pawar we have a wide range of administration. The basic focus of our administration is to clarify the legal and the necessary with the group headquarters. Each and every document of the cadet is been verified and approved by the coy commander himself. A special under officer is been appointed and is been given the territory of administration under officer.


As mentioned before, we have a 150 m of ground area to perform various activities. We have a complete obstacle course and also annually checked obstacles for the fitness training of the cadet. We have a special firing range for the cadets. A special under officer is been appointed and is been given the territory of training under officer.


After training and administration we have one more additional wing of control that is the public relation wing. In this wing we keep quarterly parents commander meeting for the welfare of cadets. We try to maintain better universal relation with the headquarters as well as various firms to provide a better career for the cadets.


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